Millennials in the Workplace – a Digital Generation


Millennials collaboratingLike it or not, the world is changing far faster than we can imagine.  If you’re like me and you’re a business owner over 30 (or over 40, to be honest), you’ll be surprised to learn that the employees you hire are approaching work in a fundamentally different way than you think of it.

As an owner of a mid-sized company, I initially fought this,  I thought I was right.  I thought “there is something wrong with these kids entering the workforce”.  Then I watched my staff, looked at the new hires, and it dawned on me.  Helicopter parents creating a sense of entitlement, growing up with essentially no significant unfulfilled needs due to a long-running economic expansion, and an unprecedented access to immediate information at their fingertips via multiple avenues (Newspapers and TV giving way to computers and laptops, smartphones morphing into tablets, and now the latest iteration which is the union of the two, a “Phablet”).  On it’s way are smart watches that integrate your phone into a far more convenient onramp to the resources available on the Internet.   And then it started to finally sink in; all these things have created a fundamental change in the way employees think, both on the job as well as how they interact in their personal lives.  If I didn’t adept both my hiring, onboarding, and management of employees I was going to lose a competitive edge.

Think about it.  How do you want to grow over the next 5 years, and what kind of employees will help you take it there?  For myself, information about how to run a better company requires a new approach.  Think about it – Millennials in the Workplace – a Digital Generation… are you ready?

Take a look at these statistics, they may surprise you.




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