Stacy E. Stewart

Vice President, The Lake Doctors Inc.

    CFT has been responsive and patient in diagnosing computer issues and are quick to respond to requests.  They have helped our company be able to focus on our work without having to worry about the day to day maintenance it takes to keep our computers and programs running.  They are awesome to work with, very organized and easy to communicate with.  They always spend the extra time needed to help resolve our computer issues.  Thank you Rick and the entire CFT team for all your hard work on making us run so smooth!

    Raquel Jebailey

    Principal, Phoenicia Development LLC

      I was cleaning off my PC desktop and in doing so, I copied all my desktop files to a jump drive and deleted the files from the desktop.  I also emptied the recycling bin.

      When I came home to install all the files to my home PC, the most important file was not available.  I emailed my current IT company and asked for their assistance.  They said they’d have to bring my PC in to the shop, take it apart and after a day or more they might be able to recover something.  I decided to call CFT support to get their advice and Ivan answered.  Within 5mins – while on the phone with me – he recovered the file.  I cannot even tell you how INSANELY grateful I am.  I told Ivan I was planning to let you know how amazing his help was.

      Just in that 5mins, I have come to truly appreciate your team.

      Thank you (and Ivan) so very, very much.